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The Zonta Cold Line Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of isothermal
on all types of vehicles: light, medium, heavy, high-volume, semi-trailers, trailers and containers.

Our production can offer vans in class:

  -IR -20 ° (IR-FRC);
  -IN 0 ° (FNA-IN);
  even bi-temperature, suitable for the transport of goods in controlled temperature regime ATP.

Is produced another type of box body “IS” isolated, and also the composite panels fiberglass laminate with different weights and colors according to requests.

Each series is designed to meet specific customer request, and is customized for each product category of use: transport fruit, vegetables, fish, dairy products, frozen food, meat, electronic equipment, medicines, etc.

The products are made by a team of work that combines technical expertise to the high quality of the materials used, making use of advanced production equipment such as the new solar photovoltaic system that allows the reduction of CO2 emissions in the environment, aiming to search of continuous efficiency and functionality of the products and in cost optimization.